The Cerritos Optimist Club is the local chapter of Optimist International, a worldwide organization made up of more than 2,500 clubs whose members are committed to creating a more "optimistic" future for young people. Since 1970, the Cerritos Optimist Club's goal is and will always be to support valuable programs that are intended to make the future brighter by bringing out the best in children in our community and in ourselves.


The Cerritos Optimist Club is

an all-volunteer service club in Cerritos, CA dedicated to helping our youth and is comprised

of community leaders, local business members and residents. We have no paid staff and are entirely supported by hard-working volunteers dedicated
to improving the quality of life
for our kids.



President's Message


We are coming back from almost two years in hiatus due to the Coronavirus restrictions. While we met on zoom, it was not the same as the loud, boisterous and fun meetings in person. We are back, meeting at Denny’s on Pioneer Blvd. in Artesia. 


We were unable to have most of our customary programs due to the same restrictions. We hope to be back this year in full force with all of our programs and more. We hope to concentrate more on fundraising for our affiliate, the COC Foundation; and we are focusing more on the needs of our less fortunate youth and families, with the help of the COC Foundation.

Mani Fernando, President 2021-22

2021-22 Club Officers:
President: Mani Fernando
President-Elect: Robert Hensen
Vice President: Ron Glassman

Secretary: Marty Flax
Treasurer: Alex Perez
Historian: Jack Evans
Past President: Paolo Quiroga

Board of Directors:
Stein Bang
Janet Beach

Kay Fujimura
Dr. Bob Green
Gary McHatton
Victor Sanchez




By providing hope and positive vision, Optimists bring out the best in youth, our communities, and ourselves.

Club Goals:


• To develop optimism as a philsophy of life using the tenets

of the Optimist Creed

•  To promote an active interest in good government and civic affairs

•  To inspire respect for law, to promote  patriotism and to work for international accord and friendship among all people

•  To aid and encourage the development of youth in the belief that giving of one’s self in service to others will advance the well-being of humankind, community life and the world

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